• Givenchy to release 15 NFTs in collaboration with artist, Chito

    14 days ago - By Fashion United

    Image: Givenchy x Chito
    French luxury house Givenchy has revealed it will be releasing 15 non-fungible tokens designed by Mexico-based artist Chito, as part of the duo's ongoing collaboration.
    The original digital artwork features unique characters in airbrushed graphics designed by the artist, in keeping with the designs of the collaborative spring/summer 2022 collection.
    The fashion NFTs will be available to bid on from November 23 to 29 on NFT marketplace OpenSea, with all the artwork minted through Polygon, an eco-friendly Ethereum-compatible network. The highest offer will be accepted...
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  • Givenchy Teams Up With Chito to Auction 15 NFTs

    Givenchy Teams Up With Chito to Auction 15 NFTs

    14 days ago - By Luxuo

    Image: Givenchy
    Givenchy joins the list of luxury brands releasing NFTs as it partners up with graphic artist, Chito to create a series of 15 collectable NFTs.
    Givenchy's creative director, Matthew Williams, previously collaborated with Chito for Givenchy's Spring/Summer 2022 collection. The collection featured Chito's signature airbrushed characters to the clothing and accessories.
    Now, Williams and Chito reveal the next part of their collaboration by bringing these illustrations to the metaverse. A rare set of 15 NFT graphic designs. The NFTs can be used by collectors as online avatars...
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