• Dior

    16 days ago - By Models

    DIOR FALL 2021
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  • Consumers are picking comfort with their Fall 2021 denim

    16 days ago - By Fashion United

    DL 1961 & Warp + Weft
    Skinny jeans are out and wide legs are in. The denim industry is witnessing an evolution in consumer tastes after a year of working from home, as people now prioritize comfort.
    Over the past few years, denim has been used as an expression of artistic forms of fashion, with statement elements such as patchwork and experimental silhouettes becoming increasingly popular. We had also been seeing a surplus of high-waists and form-fitted legs, which is a stark contrast to new denim collections for 2021.
    Denim has returned back down to earth, with straight fits and earthy...
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