• The Trick To Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring

    13 days ago - By Cliche Mag

    It might be one of the most important decisions we make; buying an engagement ring comes with a lot of worries. What if you get the wrong one? What if the ring size you choose doesn't fit? You can employ some tricks to make sure that you get the right engagement ring for your future spouse.
    Here is the checklist:
    Budget - make sure you know your budget long before you head to a store
    Style - pay attention to the styles of rings that your partner likes
    Understand what the four Cs mean
    Which metals does your partner wear the most?
    What type of setting are the most like what they'd like
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  • 7 of the Most Outrageous Celebrity Engagement Rings Ever

    7 of the Most Outrageous Celebrity Engagement Rings Ever

    13 days ago - By Cliche Mag

    Today we want to share 7 of the most outrageous celebrity engagement rings ever. When it comes to purchasing an engagement ring, most people keep to relatively modest pieces. According to one study by The Knot , the average amount of carats in a diamond engagement ring is 1.5. Individuals are more likely to purchase stones that weigh between 1 and 2 carats than anything else.
    However, some celebrities prefer to do things a little bigger, and in some cases, quite outrageously. This article only features seven celebrity engagement rings that were, well, bigger than the average. Yet, it could...
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