Bobby Shmurda Reveals When He's Getting Out of Prison

Posted On: Jul 20, 2018   |   Posted By: Hypebeast

Bobby Shmurda opens up about his future release from prison, the current crop of young rappers and more for a new interview with ThisIs50 .
Specifically, the "Hot N*gga" rapper confirms that he intends to get out in 2020. "When I get out, we're going to f*ck everything up. I got two years, 2020. You know how that shit goes. I like to see real n*ggas doing their thing with more constructive shit. I hope a lot of motherfuckers learn from me," he tells ThisIs50 .
Elsewhere, he downplays any rumors involving potential beef with 6ix9ine. "There ain't no beef - there's no problems," he explains. "You know how that shit go when you're in jail, I been hearing a whole bunch of crazy shit. I seen all the colors in the hair and all that crazy shit going on and I started laughing... I understand this is entertainment, and the n*gga got to express himself the way he's going to express himself."
Shmurda also says that he continues to keep his finger on the pulse of hip-hop and is liking the genre's current direction. "I...

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